while nosing around twitter yesterday, i stumbled across a pretty inspirational hashtag.It was simply called #A_Mountain_mover, started by a tweep  @perfectskones. It was a short trend  to which about thirty people contributed but I found the comments pretty touching and inspirational, so I have decided to  share some of them  with you.

@OkunadeGoodMan:#A_mountain_mover is a rich man who sees a poor man as his friend and not as his servant

@OkunadeGoodMan #A_mountain_mover is that soul that will help a total stranger though it wont be appreciated or noticed

@perfectskones: #A_mountain_mover is a girl that will show love to her boyfriend through trying times

@UgOHclassified: #A_mountain_mover is a  boy that will help his girlfriend through school if she is not financially buoyant enough to  get through school

@deebayuu: #A_mountain_mover is a man who does not run offto the USA and forget the people who suffered to payfor his visa and ticket

@deebayuu: #A_mountain_mover is a man who continues to love his wife even when makeup can no longer cover the wrinkles and the boobs have gone south

@irepfrabz: #A_mountain_mover is the man who doesnot frget thehomeboys whom he hustled with because he now has somechange and is hanging out with rich boys

@irepfrabz: #A_mountain_mover is the man who uses part of his tithes to help the poor even though the pastor insists that everything must come to the church

@ perfectskones:#A_mountain_mover is that grlfriend who understand that her beauty is not tied to her brazillian hair

@tbamzzy: #A_mountain_mover is a drug user thatstands up and finally decides to quit

@UgOHclassified: #A_mountain_mover is the neighbour that will watch your kids while you are away

@LuverDozeee: #A_mountain_mover is a pastor that will not just demand for offerings, but also offer help to those in need

@lusciouzzz: a friend that will show you how he makes money, not just how to spend it

@tbamzzy: #A_mountain_mover is the politician who works relentlessly to get praises even if the people continue to critcize his efforts.

@ebehiwe: #A_mountain_mover is aman who is not afraid to share his own faith and beliefs and is also tolerant of other people’s faiths as well

@deebayuu: #A_mountain_mover is someone who stands by a relative who is a known drug addict


3 thoughts on “FROM MY TWITTER PAGE

  1. My name is Seyi Adulawor
    a musician,Cinema and also
    a Voice Actor
    I read mostly
    an African story books,
    at here I was happy to find this
    moral story that can help our society
    please can I use this story for an
    audiobook and a short movies.

  2. OK thanks
    I promise to do that.
    am happy to meet
    a very talented man
    and also a freeman
    like you
    I think this is just the beginning.

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