Hi I was blog walking when I stumbled across this cool post. I liked it, and I hope you will like it too

n.v. pascua

The long wait is over my dear followers (which would totally be composed of my mother and my imaginary friends here in the majestic world of internet land mania). I genuinely and deeply apologize for my forever-like absence that in-fact I deduce, did not make any of you less of a person because c’mon I write stuffs about my life, my independent dream seeking life! Haha! Kidding, I know MY life is TOO admirable for you to yearn (sarcasm, please).

Let’s just cut to the chase, cut the cocky and self-absorbed fiction of myself, I missed this. I missed blurting out how I feel and sharing it to the world, to the least people who want to discover a person with a random mind, me.

Anyway, I am up to serious business now. I am aiming to be more thoughtful of my dear future. Now that I have just…

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