Chibok Girls: One Year After

After a year that the girls have been abducted, it seems that all hope has been lost about finding them. More so that the people who are supposed to be looking for them have still not shown the requisite concern towards finding them. What Yewande essentially does in this piece is to raise awareness of the #BringBackOurGirls in her own way. We may not have the weapons, but we have the technology and the voice.
Even after one year, We have hope and we have faith that our girls will come back to us. #BringBackOurGirls #NeverToBeForgotten


With almost a few hours to the one-year commemoration (not sure if that’s the appropriate word to use) of the abduction of Chibok girls from their school, it is saddening that there is still no glimmer of hope as to their well-being or the certainty of their return. There has been promises here and there by the government about its activities to ensure their return but it appears that it is just part of the government foible.

I am particularly empathetic of their situation partly because I am a girl child, and because I also attended a school like theirs; a Federal Government owned girls’ only school. I cannot begin to imagine the pain my parents would go through if I had left home for school to write my final exams (after 6 years of suffering in school) only for them to hear in the news that their daughter had…

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