Iyawo Saara: In the Name of Religion, Tradition and other Evils

9jaFeminista raises an important point about one of the customs from a dark past which we think we have left behind. It is amazing that ugly incidents like the examples that the writer gives can still happen in our “civilized” time. Old habits die hard but I personally feel by raising awareness about issues like this we can reduce the problem and make sure that our women are free to make their choices. Our aim as people no matter what group we belong to or the opinions we hold should be an society that is fair and just to all.


From the Editor’s Desk: Iyawo Saara is a term coined from the Arabic term – Sadaqh wife – translation: a woman (or as it is in most cases, a young girl) given out as alms in marriage.

I first came across this term in the late-eighties, when, as a child, I listened in as my aunt and herchild friends discussed one of their friends who had been kidnapped, in broad daylight, by a gang of thugs when they were on their way back from school. The other girls had fled the crime scene, eventually converging at the home of the parents of this particular girl. They had reported the incidence in tears, but to their surprise the parents hadn’t shown any concern, they had simply told my aunt and her friends to go home, they would ‘handle’ it.

They were gathered together that afternoon because my aunt and her…

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