Guest Post: Learning A Second language

A few years ago I enrolled in a French course at the Alliance Francais, while I made decent progress, my comprehension of French was really slow going. At any rate constraints of time forced me to quit, so at present my command of French is basic. This is why this piece resonates with me and I believe it will resonate with anyone trying to learn a new language.
The Writer’s experience is unique, but the issues the piece raises are very universal. In case you are interested, I read the original BBC article my Guest writer drew from and here it is.

duyu's tok

I recently read an article on BBC website titled ‘How to learn 30 languages’, and it resonates much to me. As a foreign student who has been struggling to keep pace with my peers, who are native English speakers, I encountered many gloomy, bleak days in which I believe it is impossible to speak a second language well. However, I know that if one treats English as a technical subject rather than a language per se, there are instances whereby a non-native English speaker outperforms those who are immersed in a English speaking environment since they are born. Hearing about this news may cheer me up for a while. However, before long I find out that my English score is not improving, and my oral and writing skills are still as poor as before, and I fell into the abyss of desperation.

Perhaps it is because that I have been…

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