Writers and Clocks

My Guest Post today is an aspect of an expression on what a writer should do and what a writer should be. It is essentially an exposition of what anyone who has sat down to create a literary piece, whether art, or writing, will experience. This is not an attempt by a writer to claim knowledge, it is just a honest and sincere appraisal by someone trying to understand their craft more.


As a person who writes, I am an expert at walking the line between conceit and insecurity. While I spend an insane amount of time believing that I’m probably better/smarter/more witty than everyone else, I spend about the same amount of time wondering how I’ve even made it this far because I’m hopeless, dim-witted, and generally embrace failure as a person. The inconsistency of my thoughts has never been the problem, though. I currently happen to be dating someone that I am completely enamored by and I have no clue who or how to be. I know, I know, the only response is to tell me to be myself(side eye). The problem is that this selfcan and does change at any given moment. While we all have variations of our general personality, I don’t think that anyone varies as wildly as a writer. We live in a world…

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