Guest Post: I’m Tired of These “Skeptics”

An old saying goes thus: “Every story is true, until another person comes and tells the other side.” We all like to style ourselves as skeptics in one form or the other. The skeptic is the very definition of a “wise” man, in that the wool cannot be pulled over his eyes and that is how we want to appear to other people no matter our age, gender or social status.
The essential argument that Hessianwithteeth raises in this post is that skepticism is more than a latent distrust of beliefs brought forward by others, it is a state achieved by critical examination and study. As a skeptic you cannot afford to select the beliefs you want to distrust either, every beliefs has to be subjected to the same critical screening, only then can one lay claim to true skepticism.


I can’t help but think that there needs to be a test before one can call themself a skeptic. It’s amazing how many people call themselves skeptics while having no critical thinking skills once so ever. This is the biggest reason I don’t really identify as a skeptic.

Today I received a reply to a comment I wrote on YouTube. The person considered themself a skeptic, but they couldn’t be bothered to supply any evidence to support their claim that masculinity and femininity are biological despite the fact that different cultures around the world hold to different ideas about what is masculine and what is feminine. Skeptics are supposed to be critical of all claims, and they are supposed to look at the evidence before they decide what is true, but so few actually do that. So many skeptics ignore the evidence and determine what they believe to be true…

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