Guest Post: Chattanooga Shooter Failed to See That True Islam Rejects Violence

Today’s guest post is another perspective on a subject that has been discussed on this blog a number of times. The subjects of race, religion and terrorism still remains as controversial an issue today as it has been in the last few years. Thus in the opinion of this writer, there is a need for understanding, not just for people outside of religion, especially Islam, wondering what is going on within the inner circle of a religion which many different people pulling in different directions, but also for people who are practitioners of said religions, so that misunderstandings and misconceptions are kept to a minimum.


In America, Ramadan 2015 ended how it began—with preventable violence. The month began when an ignorant young man from a radicalized background used hate, easy access to guns and growing racial tensions to murder nine innocent Black Americans. Then, yesterday, as Ramadan neared its end, an ignorant young man from a radicalized background used hate, easy access to guns, and nationalistic tensions to murder four innocent U.S. Marines and wound three others.

Both young men had blogs, replete with confusing, violent, sometimes frightening statements. And many questions need answering—questions we’re not yet asking loudly enough or consistently enough: How did these young men get such easy access to guns? Who or what turned these young men to violence? And perhaps most importantly, how can we learn from these atrocities to prevent them from happening again?

Dylann Roof’s blog shows his struggle to understand race relations. Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez’s blog shows…

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