Guest Post: Atheism

Today on the blog is a discussion about Atheism. I happen to find this post interesting because it similar to a piece I wrote back in February on Atheism which you can read here. In the piece, Thinking Error Free attempts to deconstruct the notion of atheism in comparison with faith based belief all without being judgmental or attempting to proselytize. Read, enjoy, Learn

Thinking Error Free

Is Atheism real?

It is possible to believe in nothing … or “not believe”?

The immediate, opposing argument to atheism is this:

“In order to believe there is no God, you must first understand what God is and accept the possibility that there is a God. Then, you can reject it.”

To combat this, true atheists prefer this definition: “Atheism is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods; it is a lack of belief in gods.

Ergo, given this alternate definition, it’s possible to believe in the solely, scientific principals of the universe and evolution without having to face the ever-difficult question about God. In some ways it’s a cop-out, in others, it’s a very pragmatic distinction. Of course, we must be true to the more sincere values of atheism, as dictated by atheists, and not “popular” society (that’s driven by theistic principals), and draw…

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