Hello folks, the guest post today is a continuation of our discussion on the subject of feminism. In his own fashion Iyanu Oderinde delivers a rather long, supercharged, no- punches-pulled treatise on feminism from the perspective of a  man trying to sift the wheat and the chaff from the mishmash of concepts that contemporary feminism has become. This particular piece from Iyanu is of interest because it is one of the few thoughts on feminism from the male perspective that this blog has shared. Read enjoy and learn

Geeky Knight

This is not meant to be a debate or at attempt at rubbishing feminism, but rather they are thoughts and feelings from a neutral angle and from the reality which surrounds us and from which we can’t be isolated from and decide to live in limbo. Actually though, while I’ve had my reservations, though I would like to restate that I am not against feminism, this blog was inspired by a tiff I had with a so-called feminist on the social network, twitter. And I’d try to re-create the basic conversation without tagging anyone (everyone is entitled to their opinions). Here goes, it happened that a follower tweeted: ‘I need food’ and another guy replies him ‘you need a wife’, then a lady comes in and tweets [quoting]: ‘He needs FOOD! not a wife. Stereotypical thinking bro’, and then I tweeted: ‘Feminist’. Okay, from a neutral point, I mean, if…

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